Autoblow 2+ The Blowjob Machine Review

What would you say about having unlimited blowjobs within your arm’s reach? You probably would lock yourself in the room for a long time not knowing what the day is and probably also forgot where the key is.

I was always dreaming of having a sex robot. That would do whatever I want no question asked. Know my habits, likes and dislikes. We see this concept more often in movies and TV shows like Westworld where AI is sophisticated enough to give guests human like behavior and experience to the point of not knowing what is real or not. You are probably thinking that this world is too far away but I’m here to tell you that is getting closer every day.

With new sex toys advancements like Autoblow 2 we can enjoy a little bit of future right now.

Autoblow the Male Milking Machine Features

Plug N Play

No battery needed. Power supply: 110 - 240 Volts

Socket Systems

Reusable and interchangeable sleeves. Easy to clean.

Three Penis Sizes

A: 2.4 to 3.2 cm # B: 3.2 to 4.4 cm # C: 4.4 to 5 cm

Five Times The Grip

5-arm penis rings that are 50 percent tighter than older version

Long sleeve

Up to 6 inches of stroking up and down

Hands Free

Give your hands some rest

My Experience

I don’t think I have to explain to you how it works. It’s very self explanatory and straightforward. But when it comes to me I’m not very sensitive in shaft area. So I have to direct the beads to my penis head instead and it does feels like having a blow job but with your condom on. It’s just a different sensation and a good one.

Now here it gets tricky because people were complaining about beads been too far from their “tool” but it’s not the case in A2+, it feels tight as it should if you will choose a proper size

What I noticed about this type of sex toys and sleeve strokers in general the pleasure comes from the sensation of pressure put on your penis and not on trust like with jerking off. Meaning, if you are very sexually active like 4+ times a week – you may feel desensitized to the feeling of gentle trust not mentioning to pressure. I do my sessions after breaks and it’s one hell of a way to break the fast.

7 uses no breaks inside the sleeve and it’s easy to clean.

Next thing, I didn’t like the noise coming from the device because of it’s levels at higher speeds. It should have some isolation before the engine to reduce the noise. On the same coin, some people would buy it only because it gives you this futuristic robot like sensation and sound, so maybe for some it’s a good thing. To be honest if noise is a trade of for orgasm then I think I can take it. Poor me. I use over the ear headphones to watch porn anyway. 

Does Size Matter?

So you have a list of sizes in the photo. What I would like to mention is that before buying this product for myself I’ve read the reviews and people were complaining about choosing the right size when buying it but the rings end up too loose. Considering that I bought size smaller than it’s presented on the infographic. It worked for me very well. My suggestion is don’t go with the ego

Tips and Tricks to make it better

  • Use a cock ring with your play
  • Take some quality prostate massager on board
  • Lube is a must with this toy
  • Keep this milking machine clean with proper cleaner

You want more fun in the bedroom but having sex toys stigma?

We all know the deal. We know that very well and that is a good blowjob can solve a lot of problems. Everyday preferably. Now that’s impossible. Lets list the common excuses that you can hear in a relationship. I have a period, headache, bad day at work, my cat feel sad etc. Masturbation machine will never replace relationship sex but let’s be real it’s very close.

What I’m saying is you should buy it and use it as a addition to your sex life. Let me guess you are not comfortable with having a sex toy.

I see men talking about sex toys in the way that is a taboo topic or at best it’s presented as if men’s toys are for gay people. Same happens in a relationship, men don’t want to talk about it because they don’t want to be judged. Don’t care what your partner thinks about it. If you show what you want and who you are, people will respect you more and be drawn to your confidence and maybe open a new door to their sex life. Male masturbators are not only good for solo play but also for enhancing you and your partner sex life by giving the control of the device to someone else.


  • You will be taken care of automatically
  • No problem with cleaning
  • Doesn't jam all over sudden like some other brands
  • Discreet shipping for adult content
  • No battery needed
  • The new design gives a very tight feeling
  • Hands Free

Any negatives?

  • Kind of loud sound. It's fine if you leave alone or enjoy it with your partner but if you would like to keep it a secret it would come as a problem. Check it for yourself:
  • Sleeve looks poor and low quality and I understand that this is not the purpose of the socket to give pleasure like in Fleshlight case and it's all about the rings inside but for this price I would imagine something better. Maybe some texture inside.

Final Verdict

Autoblow 2 doesn’t give many reasons to complain. 

I really liked how powerful the toys engine was. No batteries. On top of that this gadget wont be tired after work and it makes me smile.

For me it’s a milking machine with 100% please rate when I’m abstaining from masturbation for at least two days.    

Would I recommend it to everyone? Yes. I guess my final verdict is that it’s a good product and worth buying. Definitely is going to placed on my top 10 list.

Hope it helps.

Overall Rating