The Ultimate Dildo and Prostate Massager?

Something New

I think Tina is right this time as well. Njoy creates something so creative in its simplicity. Designed only to perform one task and that is to give you the orgasm that you want. Nowadays women use it to squirt their partners a river. It’s like a cry me a river but in a good sense. It has been proven to be the most effective sex toy to make the p-spot pulsate like a vortex. Countless women confirm in reviews and blogs the effectiveness and an end to the search for the perfect orgasm giving a toy that will allow them to finally learn how to squirt.

For a long time I was interested in more sophisticated sex toys like rings, prostate massagers and masturbators. But even with them I could never forget me been a noob in the erotic world and trying things out in a more simple way. Discovering toys that work in a more straightforward manner.

I know it looks at photos like a scary, painful and cold piece of metal. Ready to turn my pleasure into hell but nothing farther from the truth. I will go even further with this and claim that If I would be left with one sex toy for the rest of my life. I would probably choose this one.


  • 3 inch and 5.5 inch balls
  • 8 inches from top to bottom
  • 10 inches along a curve
  • Stainless steel
  • Phthalates and Latex free
  • Arrives in interior satin-lined box
  • Quite heavy I'm afraid -

Enough with going around the subject. Let's dive in to Njoy Pure Wand review.

The first thing you have to warm it up because it’s cold or at least mine was. You just can’t relax when it’s cold. It’s shrinking your muscles and skin on the touch. Gives you a terrible feeling. So I throw it under the warm water. After 30 second was good to go.

A warm sex toy is something new. It gives the best initial feeling of them all. So if you have a problem with putting your toy at the beginning use steel toy that can be heated up

What I learn the most is that you have to take it easy and slow. Its curved nature can hurt when doing things too quickly. We don’t want the second rectum. Don’t we?. So it’s definitely not some fast in and out thing. Men, if you are masturbating alone you have to put the wand on shorter end first – look the photo on the right. Facing up to your belly in search for G-spot. Next, you slide in until you feel the prostate gland. Now the thing is that the prostate is separated with a membrane and rectum wall from your toy and it’s easy to miss. Thinking that is farther than it actually is, above about 2-3 inches. Nevertheless, it requires some experimentation on your part.

The structure of the wand is solid and it does not a band at all like other plastic toys. It allows you to put pressure and massage prostate with a gentle force that is required to achieve stimulation and orgasm.

As I said before about the wall that is separating the wand and G-spot. Most of the sex toys like prostate massagers will get to the right spot but the head of the massager will always provide broad stimulation. It’s just peace of flexible plastic and that is not sufficient enough. The same thing happens when using vibrators. It’s very broad around the border stimulation. So it’s very teasing and pleasurable but it will never give you that G-spot full body orgasm that you deserve. That might have been a little bit advance knowledge and you are probably thinking “I like my massager”. In fact, I think it’s a great choice but keep in mind what I said later on in your sex journey.

All I can say is that surgical steel dildo is for surgical precision orgasm. For men and women.

Does age affects my experience?

The only thing that you should remember about it, is that with age your prostate will grow a bit, especially after the age of 40. As a young man, you will be having anything form 20-30 gram prostate to 50-100 gram in your 50’s and 60’s.

Btw. Massaging your prostate will improve your prostate health. Before I started playing with my G-spot I would be having a hell of time urinating after ejaculation and during sex. It would take me sometimes about 40 min after to calm down and unblock the urethra. Frustrated and sometimes embarrassed during sex to go to the toilet 3 times in a row as a young man and not be able to pee. But now it’s as soon as my dick is down. I can stand and do my thing. It took me about a year to gradually improve but it’s a great side benefit for me.

Tips to make it better

  • Heat it up before with warm water it will relax your muscles after the initial contact.
  • Use as much lube as you want, the more, the better... coconut oil, water based.
  • Use in slow and precise motions.
  • When cleaning don't use abrasive surfaces against the toys metal. It can create scratches that can hurt you later on, even when they are not very visible.
  • Easy to clean: boil it, put it dishwasher or use a toy cleaner.

Lifetime Toy

Many sex toys would make us frustrated after a while and it’s all because of the quality of production. Things get stretched and out of proportion after a while and it’s affecting the toy’s performance. With time and washing and cleaning plastic changes color and looks old and used up.

It makes you uncomfortable to introduce that kind of toy in the bedroom. It makes them question who was using it before me? But not with Pure Wand. As long as you not going to use abrasive cleaning tools it will always look shiny and new.

That is probably the best thing about this toy – it will last a lifetime.


  • No problem with cleaning
  • Steel can be heated and it can give you different experiences and sensations at various temperatures
  • Last a lifetime
  • Good for males and females
  • Very universal in the bedroom. Can be shared
  • Curved toy. Great for precision prostate massage


  • Steel transfers heat very slowly, so you need extra time to warm it up with water

Final Verdict

Njoy Pure Wand does’t disappoint.

  This sex toy review one thing about life. The best way to put it is to understand that best things in life comes down to how simple things can be and still gives you what want. Bigger complexity more technology gives you more problems and reasons to hate. That’s the truth.

In a way, it reminds me of a sex toy that only older women use in solo porn videos to teach how to find a g-spot. Maybe they know something that we don’t or they possess something that we don’t have… experience. 

I admit I was skeptical about this toy. I mean look at it, scary…right? Nothing farther form the truth. One of the best male sex toys to date. 

Overall Rating