What comes in the box?

Hugo Lelo comes with a beautiful black box, that gives you posh like look. Packaging that adds elegance and motion that it is served to you with a glimpse of luxury that you deserve.

  • Massager
  • Wireless Sens Motion Remote
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Satin Lace Drawstring Storage Bag
  • Warranty
  • Sample Sachet Lube
  • Instruction

I do appreciate the satin pouch because it gives me the ability to hide it in my closet without anyone knowing what it is. It also keeps it together and makes me not losing my remote to some unknown circumstances. Little things like that make you ask yourself why I haven’t thought of it before?

How to use a remote controller?

Lelo Hugo motion detection works form 0° to 90 ° range

Sens Motion

It’s a patterned technology used in a similar way when using a smartphone. When you tilt the screen 90 degrees your screen and what you see will adjust your position. Similar to Lelo when you rotate the remote form 0 to 90 ° you will get different power of vibration coming from the device. The controller will detect the motion at any given time when triggered.

Lelo Hugo Official Website

It allows being more creative for couples during sex. By using it as a way of an edging hold play or master-slave play when one is having total control over another person’s orgasm. Because we can’t forget that this toy is not only good for men but also for women as well. Also, we can’t exclude solo masturbation as well and it’s at least a great device to get to know your body and what you like in terms of intensity. Just having a remote with one hand and the other is free. I know what you gonna say but I need both hands to masturbate. I need to squeeze my shaft to lock the blood in the head. Well… no. Buy yourself a cock ring. I denied this pleasure for a long time but now I know that it’s a must. One good wide ring and problem solved.

With sens motion, you can transition to different vibration power more smoothly and in general quicker than when using buttons and clicks. Don’t get me wrong it’s great but with the motion sensor, you can create your own unique patterns and experiences just by twisting your hand and giving it a little time to experiment and play with. In general, my experience was amazing. It gave me what I love the most which are the smooth push-pull, high and low sensations that drive me crazy.

My experience

First of all, I used it about 80 times (more or less, it’s hard to tell at this point) with 100% G-spot orgasm rate. With that been said I’m not an expert on this toy. I’m just giving you my opinions and experiences without any soft porn stories.

Lube is a must with this sex toy. BTW. Stop substituting spit for lube, don’t be a savage. After applying lube I would just easily slide it in and enjoy myself. It’s not a rocket since. Sample Sachet Lube that is added in the packaging is a good quality water-based lube, but once opened makes it a one-time thing, to be honest, it might get too sticky and thick for using it for more than once.

Couple things to point out. First, the thickness of the toy helps with staying on the g-spot easier than with some of the other toys that are slimmer looking and more flexible when it comes to prostate massagers is bad in my opinion. You want the toy that will not bend but push against the prostate when reaching the finish line if you know what I mean. Btw. That’s the reason why I like Njoy Pure Wand so much – solid structure.

Remote Controller

The remote is very similar to another sex toy that I use just press the button. Nevertheless is very convenient not to be forced to reach your crotch every time you want to push the button for more power (nothing kills it for me more than this). On top of that what is great about this toy is the sense motion play. Vibrations going up and down with a twist of your hand is pretty awesome I must say. Power goes from 0 to 100% in like a second. I admit it’s quite an enjoyable second. I personally love the teasing sensations and that is one of them for sure. A unique one as well.


Another difference between Lelo Hugo and other massagers is the power of the vibration. When you hold it in your hand and turn it on to max speed you can feel like it wants to slip from your hand, it’s that good. Some toys have this problem with them when inserted the vibration gets spread over the whole area and it serves no purpose in the end. But luckily it’s not the case here. Vibration is pointing where it’s supposed to, directly to the prostate.

Plus the toy is reasonably quiet so if you have a need for privacy it would not compromise you with other people in the room next to you.


The size matter. I honestly have never read a thing in male reviews blogs and channels that one anal sex toy would be too small (that does also occur) but I do read about massagers been too big way too often. They are right. Simply big toy been too painful with the initial insertion your muscles under the influence of pain will shrink and close even more. After that, your only choice is to force it. Not fun at all and no amount of lube will help with that. Too big of a toy can ruin your fun and the next two or three days if you know what I mean. Everyone’s anatomy is different and from my experience, not every size is fun to use but this sex toy size works great for me.

Tip: For me, the best experience and g-spot stimulation occur when I’m on my knees in sitting position. I think it’s because Lelo is pushing up and forward against my prostate. It gives more consistent pleasure and some control over it.

With that been said I must tell you that I and probably people reading this would say that g-spot orgasm with a toy like this just flats your sexual battery straight away. Even after 2-3 days, I don’t really have sex cravings at all which is not the case after sex without a toy. So it could be a downside for you if you are having a lot of sex. Nevertheless, you can’t deny the power of it.


Lelo might be the best toy and a prostate massager on the market. It does what it’s supposed to. Delivers when other brands fall short.
Mainly because this toy was created with one goal in mind and that’s a male pleasure. Too many brands focus on universal anal toys. Trying to convince us that male and female g spot lays in the same place. But it doesn’t. In the end like people say: if you try pleasing everyone you please no one.

I hope you find this review helpful and if you are in the search for this type of massager I would recommend you stop here. You don’t need anything else.


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