ONYX2 All the Different Aspects of Using This Sex Toy

The KIIROO ONYX2, is an automatic masturbator that men can hold in their hands and pleasure themselves. It has often been deemed to be a blowjob machine too. it makes use of the state of the art technology and provide men an opportunity to pleasure themselves. It can be brought for solo use as well as use in parties and groups. The KIIROO ONYX2 review, that you will come across here, will tell you all about the great features that one can spot in this modern day sex toy for men.

Pleasure Varieties

You can get many different sensations when you start making use of this sex toy. Often the Onyx2 is synced with content from online porn websites. Therefore, you can masturbate by using the best porn content as well as this toy. There is a complete viewing based pleasure associated with this toy. The toy itself, is compatible with video chats, therefore you can pleasure yourself while having a chat with people you like. Once you have fully charged this toy, it can run continuously for an hour at a stretch. The motor present in the toy is really powerful and really keeps it going.

What is it made of?

The toy itself is primarily made up of silicon and very high quality polymer. Going through KIIROO ONYX2 Review, you will realize that this is a completely luxury sex toy. Different sensations of touch will get enhanced by use of this toy. You do not really need to view a porn film every time you wish to masturbate now, this toy will now provide you with this pleasure. There are different ways of using this toy as well. If you are using it on full speed, it has the ability of clocking 140 strokes per minute. That figures are remarkable and will turn on any man, who uses this product.

Motor in the toy?

In the new version of this toy, you will find a motor of rally high quality. The motor has been developed after a lot of research it seems. This is because, other than being really powerful, it is also really quiet. You may be running the toy at top speeds, without a person in the other room knowing nothing about it. in the interior of the toy, you can find 10 rings. These rings contract and expand, providing simulation of real sex. It packs a lot of power, is super quiet and super light in weight too. you can therefore carry this toy to any place you want to. Even the exterior looks of this toy is really sleek and sexy.

Fleshlight Super Skin inside?

If a naive person takes a look at this toy, he or she will never realize at the first glance that it is a sex toy. It does not look anything like the cheap and oddly colored sex toys that most people use. The pleasure rings in this toy are really something to look forward to. Inside you have nothing but the best – Fleshligh. The sleeve of the toy is really soft in nature and combines with the silicone to completely replicate the female vagina, inside out. The rings in the toy, undergo certain gyrations that makes the masturbating experience simply unforgettable for you. Going through review, you realize that while using this toy, you will feel like being inside a real person.


The shipments will arrive at your doorstep in unmarked boxes. Everything takes place in a discreet and even encrypted manner to protect your privacy. There are lots of useful objects that one will find after opening the box. The entire inventory has been packed off really well, so that no product gets damaged in any way. You do not really require assembling the product on your own, everything comes ready for you. Other than the main product, you get a charging cable, a packet of sample lube as well as a cap for covering the toy opening as well as an instruction manual. The instructions for usage is provided in multiple languages.

Using the toy

You will never regret once after you have brought this product and began using it. This sex toy can be referred to as a marvel of technology. You need to use it with some of the compatible devices to get the best results. You will feel like you are fucking around with a lot of girls multiple times. If you pair up your VR glasses along with this toy, you will be streaming porn from online sources too. I use 3D porn in combination with ONYX. The whole experience will be simply unbelievable.  You should always make use of some really good quality water based lube when you are making use of this toy. You should not use something that is too sticky in nature or too slippery like oil lube.

Improved version of the predecessor

The Onyx2 can be labelled as the successor to the previous Onyx1. It certainly brings in a lot of improvements under ties belt. It is both powerful as well as very sexy to look at. The charging time for the toy is also not too long, hence you can begin making use of it real fast. There is a touch based speed control present in the toy. This is a feature that really takes the cake. There are lots of online components getting released which are compatible with this sex toy like Onyx2 Phone App that can be use by your partner. The various other components coming with this toy like different motion. More smooth stroking with better rings vs in first edition of Onyx I thought it was more rapid and forced.

These sex toys, can really be hailed as miracles of modern science and technology. Through the review, you will soon realize that this masturbator is the father of them all, and can easily replace any of the masturbators that you may have owned previously. Of course it is bigger than the pocket sized ones, but this can be carried around easily too. you can set patterns for the vibrations while using this sex toy. There are options of changing the suction power as well as connecting the device to other Bluetooth based ones. Once you have got hold of this, you would want to use it every day.

Solo or Partner Play

There are surprisingly great features about this toy that people simply love. For example, you can make use of this toy alone or link it with that of your partner anywhere around the world. There are varieties of VR glasses and smartwatches with which this toy works perfectly. You will feel like a sex god with super powers when you start making use of this toy. There is a Bluetooth indicator present in the toy’s display, which tells whether everything is well connected or not.


  • There are lots of ways of enjoying this sex toy in different ways. With phone Apps or 3D porn or solo.
  • Masturbate lying with your partner or even them been 100 miles away
  • Long distance relationship keeper
  • No stupid wires attached
  • Very discrete. You could go through onboard security check and it would not be suspicious
  • Light-weight
  • Gamers and hentai enthusiasts this toy can be synced into interactive video games
  • Works better when you are more sensitive in your shaft


This ONYX2 Review will of course state some cons that one can associate with this wonder device. 

  • The amount of 3D content loaded into the library is not much and gets exhausted quite quickly
  • The touch based controls is sometimes a little difficult for the old boys to handle as they are very sensitive in nature, just as the machine itself.
  • The equipment associated with the toy, often needs to be updated with new sleeves
  • The sound it's quite loud but it's still better than Onyx1
  • Cleaning is time absorbing like with every sleeve based sex toy. Automating this process would be sick.

Final Verdict

The sex toy is nothing short of a revolution in the industry of the same. It is completely worth your money and you even get access to porn films of porn stars like Lisa Ann and Tanya Tate. You will get full satisfaction by making use of this wonderful toy. The 3D porn which is the toast of the market at present is also available for you to use and enjoy along with this masturbator. Your sexual fantasies will be really fulfilled when you are making use of this sex toy. It may even save your long distance relationship.

It is completely worth your investment and time. Everything about this one is an improvement over its previous version as well as other similar products in the market.

Overall Rating