Get Fleshlight Stamina Trainer Pack to Last Longer in Bed through Training

Are you looking to be better in bed?

Well, people nowadays are aware of the fact that pills, creams, lotion, etc. don’t work like the way these companies promise. However, one can get better by continuous practice and for it, one would require a Fleshlight stamina unit. Though, without proper knowledge, it will be quite difficult to get the right product. To know everything about it, you should go through this Stamina Trainer review. However, before getting into any details, one should know about this product first.

What is a Fleshlight?

It is a masturbating tool for men (sorry a lot of newbies here), which helps them to relieve themselves and get better at climaxing after a long period. This is basically an artificial anal or vaginal opening toy where one can insert his penis for masturbatory purpose. It consists of a case which works as a protective covering in the shape of a flashlight. The inside portion consists of an array of colors, internal textures, ribbing styles, and orifices.

It is one of the highest selling male sex toys around the world as it not only provides a way for men to reach orgasm and relieve themselves similar to dildos for women. However, there are numerous benefits of using this product which one can know from this review.

Before going through the pros and cons of using this tool, one should know the types available in the market!

Standard Texture (Fleshlight original)

This is ideal for newbies who have no experience with such toys. This standard version helps in familiarizing with a Fleshlight masturbator. Its inner portion has smooth texture instead of any bumps.

Super Tight Version

When compared with the original one, this one offers better stimulation to a man. This is highly recommended for men who like it to be tight. However, it does generate a lower amount of suction than the standard ones.

Wonder Wave Type

This one is designed for average penis sizes and comes with a ribbed texture that offers mild stimulation. It happens to be the ultimate model for men who want to spend longer time with it as mild stimulation delays climax and generally has remarkable reviews.

Bump Texture

This texture of speed bump is designed primarily for beginners as it offers remarkable stimulation as well as excellent suction which help newbies to easily use this as it isn’t much intense.

Vortex Texture

It has a spiral shaped design which provides ideal stimulation to a penis and produces a unique feeling. Its vortex surface always produces quite a powerful suction that makes it one of the best-selling products.

How does it feel to use this?

In this part of Fleshlight review, one has to know about how it feels to use one. This feels exactly like being with a person in bed. Not really… It’s better than hand solo action and real life sex. In between.

Inside this sleeve is sensitivity balls present which are popularly known as speed bumps which play a crucial role in increasing sexual longevity and stamina. These bumps will train your penis adequately that helps in performing remarkably when the time comes. 

This unit’s canal texture provides a sensation when a man thrusts into this toy. The feeling or sensation becomes even better if I run hot water through this product before starting or simply use sleeve warmer which you will have to buy as an addition to this. But it’s not necessary. I’m too convenient in the end.

The tightness of the sleeve resembles anal sex or sex with a virgin which can be a little bit tight for some people. However, manufacturers have kept this in mind and added a few lube samples which one can use to prevent any discomfort. I tested the lube and it’s a little bit too watery and I use Liquid silk lube instead. Furthermore, the samples top cap can be adjusted according to need which means that people can set it at preferred tightness level. Also, these lube samples will last for a few training sessions according to people’s opinions. Good to test things out.

This product can offer a plethora of sexual sensations depending on how you will use it. Like it was aforementioned that running hot water makes it even better; there are men who prefer a cooling sensation which is why they run cold water through it. Also, if a person tightens this product’s end cap completely then he will experience the most alluring and extreme blowjob of once life is what most times I’ll experience.

Now losing this end cap releases some pressure and helps a person to go for a longer duration that will extend one’s sexual endurance. Most people like this feature as it helps in developing your self as well as just climax quickly some times. However, to answer the question of how it exactly feels, then a person will have to experience himself as every man has different needs and desires and feels such a sensation accordingly.

In my situation it desensitized my penis a little too much. I couldn’t finish after using this everyday for just five days and total seven sessions. Had to get myself coupe days of. Anyway I had that stamina from the beginning so doing something like that only proved the point of creators of this sex toy.


Men who use Fleshlight always enjoy numerous perks. Some of the essential ones are below!

  • Increasing sexual endurance

No other product will make an individual a better lover than this product. It is the most efficient and faster way to improve sexual endurance than performing with hands. This tool is ideal as practicing with a partner is always not possible; hence, it is why this toy is so handy. It offers men a chance to increase their sexual prowess without going through the process of going on a date first.

Through the review we can simply know that it helps in developing sexual stamina by improving our sexual rhythm as well as technique. When using this toy men will climax quickly at beginning but improve over time using as directed, a man will learn to control ejaculation level and increase it in a steady manner. I’ll admit that lasting 10 minutes with this toy means a man will last in bed for at least 15-20 minutes.

  • Less risky

Using this product is much less risky than the alternatives that are available. Men injure their penis when trying on different things that will help them to have it enhance and increase their control level. More friction is not good for your skin However, with this toy, there is no health risk involved as long as a person follows the instructions that are supplied with it. Following such best practices will help in getting the best outcome at a much shorter period.

  • Supreme design quality

Going through my tests of Stamina Training Unit it helped me to know about developing and controlling ejaculation level but I also noticed the superior design quality it has. This stamina grower fits perfectly and has smooth lips along with bumps on the inside. This design aids us to feel remarkable stimulation along with another vital task. These bumps are responsible for a person’s improving control over pre-mature ejaculation by continuously stimulating the penis which is the ideal training.

  • Hands-free performance

We can use this toy and forget about using our hands continuously to orgasm. Through this product, we can simply give our hands a rest while the suction efficiently does all the work which will help one to reach climax as well as increase their control over ejaculation. This is a crucial reason to have such a great time because you break the pattern of hand masturbation and it feels different and better.

  • Cost-effective

This is one of the most cost-efficient sex toys for men. It comes in great packaging which keeps it in proper condition till a person receives it. Also, this package consists of an excellent lube as a sample. Moreover, users receive a copy of its manual through their email along with a masturbation sleeve. All these, one can get by simply paying an amount of less than $60 which is far lower than pills, lotions, creams, etc. costs.

  • Discreet delivery

For people who don’t want others to know about them using this product should know that this company offers discreet delivery to all. The first thing one will notice when going through Fleshlight Stamina Trainer Pack Reviews is the organizations promise to deliver it discreetly. Also, the packing they send completely covers the product and its package which eliminates possibility of others knowing about what’s inside it.


This product doesn’t really have any cons to it and thus have become the highest selling sex toy for men globally. The only thing which can come to mind is cleaning it after an individual climax. This is a question which lurks in the mind of many before they make a purchase. Well, even cleaning this is quite easy as sleeves are removable for cleaning purpose. Hence, there is no real disadvantage of using this product. To deal with cleaning better here is quick guide to cleaning this type of toys.

You needs to do is follow all the instructions and check the suction pressure always. Following this will help one to safely use this product without any distress.

Final Verdict

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU) doesn’t disappoint.

I’m not going to talk a lot more just this:

If you buy this sex toy and replace hand masturbation you will not be disappointed. It’s simple, vagina penetration is not the same as beating meat with your hand. You need different tools for long lasting sex. So, train penetration not masturbation. 

Overall Rating