When it comes to Stoya we all know that if you and she be together you would have to hide this relationship from your mother because she would get a heart attack. Yes, she’s that dirty, but she’s feminine and cute as fuck at the same time and that’s the confusing part.

I do know that marketing in the sex toys industry is important but she just nailed it. She’s not the most popular pornstar but she dominated the sex toys industry with her Fleshlight. Using all men desire to just have a thought of having sex with her.

This fleshlight popularity didn’t make sense to me at first. Something wasn’t right here. It begs a question, is it Stoya or is it the fleshlight design made it so popular. I’m not big on fleshlights but that unanswered question made me do the review in the first place. Let’s get on with it.

Why Destroya is the most popular Fleshlight?

Well, first of all, it has a better attitude and stamina then woman, so that’s a jump start for every male. But let’s be serious for a second and dive into the subject.


With enough girth in your penis, it will give you amazing sensations while going in. It very much resembles the natural tight vagina but every inch has a set of soft teeth with twisted pockets designed to give pleasure.

For me, I use it with porn and my Flashlight in very slow motion. Stroking slow doesn’t push me over the threshold of only pain and no longer pleasure which can happen. Taking it slowly makes me appreciate every transition in shape inside the Destroya and focus on pleasure a lot more.

Very strangely the slower I go the quicker I finish. The most arousing part is the sensation of pushing through the tight circles and rounded teeth. It makes you think it’s almost like an obstacle course for your penis that you need to just get through.

Some people don’t enjoy sleeves in general and the reason for that is because it may overlook the penis shaft. Stroking feeling on the shaft is one of the triggers that men will use to orgasm. Fleshlight sleeves in my humble opinion focus on the head the most and will neglect to some extent the shaft. For me personally, it doesn’t matter because I don’t experience a lot of pleasure in the shaft and my focus is always the head. So if you are like me then the toys are for you for sure. If you do not then have a look at this sex toy review Autoblow2+. It’s a masturbator that focuses more on the stroking motion.

Fleshlight Cleaning

Make it clean and tidy is very important especially with sex toys. It will not happen probably to you but you don’t want to put your men parts into some dirty thing and wait till your dick will fall off. So let’s talk about Destroya Fleshlight hygiene. Cleaning was a struggle to me but I came to the correct ritual at this point that works very well. So I can share it with you right now.

Here is shortened version of the article that I’m creating about sex toys cleaning.

  1. Lean it with run water to get rid of the bulk of your male reproductive fluids.
  2. If you were using oil lube than use some soap to get rid of the oil that is covering the toy.
  3. Use antibacterial sex toy cleaner with low amounts of alcohol to make it future germs free.
  4. Use a microfiber cloth or a hair dryer to get rid of any moisture from the inside. Quick alternative – baby powder.


  • Three sleeve orifices: oral, vaginal and anal
  • Great overall feeling
  • Good quality sleeve
  • Oil lubricant and the protective case with the box


  • Gets a little bit heavy on your forearm when using wide hand grip but I guess you can use another hand.
  • When using water based lube it might get a little bit rough on your penis because it dries out quickly. Use oil lube or remember to reapply water-based lube from time to time.
  • Hard to keep it clean. You will have to put extra effort to keep it clean.

Watch out for fakes. The other day I noticed a Fleshlight product on Amazon that is a lot like the original. The worst thing is it has been put at the top for the given search and people think it’s good because it’s at the top. There are a lot of small copycats that try to profit on Fleshlight popularity. Go for the purchase from the original website always. Otherwise, you will get something that doesn’t come in original packaging or even box for that matter and the sleeve will be so different than original that the experience will be just awful. Don’t get scammed for a lower price and it happens a lot.


Damn, that toy feels nice! Great chambers and transitions. No wonder Destroya outsells other Fleshlight girls by a huge margin. I guess someone has to be the best.

One last word to all the women reading this. Don’t buy this sex toy for your boyfriends as a period backup plan to make him happy. The reason for that is you just might be replaced soon after the first use. Just saying.