The Sex Toys from CyberSkin Are Gradually Taking Over the Market

The sexual desire or preference varies from one person to another. There are groups of people who prefer soft core, whereas many people like to play it rough. A decade back, the popularity of the likes of BDSM was still alien to a large mass of people but with the likes of increased numbers of movies and novels indulging in such unique broke the barrier of the society to a great extent. The easy availability of sex toys was the subsequent result of such broke in restrictions. Now, people don’t hesitate much before ordering a sex toy online as the stigma involved with it in the society got uprooted significantly in recent years.

The constitution of every country provides its citizen the right to freedom unless you belong to the North of Korea. The society now acknowledges people and accepts them the way they are; it realized that every person could not get structured, putting it in the same mold. The changing attitude among people, coupled with a large number of producers of sex toy changed the scenario of our society. Now a woman while ordering sex toys does not get engrossed in the shame of sexual pleasure or a man does not feel ashamed while ordering twerking butts from the internet. Finally, our society let a person embrace to his kinky side without any hesitation.

The Tools To Destigmatize Sex Toys:

The advertisement platforms and social media played a vital role in normalizing that stigma; now, people do not feel ashamed to talk about it and much more free to express their kinky and unorthodox sexual desires. The sex toys are some of the widely used tools to indulge in such sexual activity where the person seeking the desire does not require the approval of the person. The social media platforms often get criticized for spreading hate and other events, but this is a positive which came out from the platform; the freedom to express oneself without any shame or backlash from the society.


  • Two twin textured sockets
  • Depth 7 inches
  • Two removable vibrating bullets
  • Vibration is multi-speed with remote
  • About 14 inches in width by 10 inches height
  • Weight 8.2kg

The Raging Popularity Of Sex Toys:

The popularity of sex toys not only restricted among men, but according to the data provided by the manufacturers, the demands for sex toys among women are quite high. A man staying far off from his home instead of turning to a brothel can quickly fulfill all his sexual desires using a toy or a woman staying away from her loved ones can satisfy her sexual needs using such a toy. A decade back, a person indulging in such practice was frowned upon by society, but fortunately, our community started to evolve and acknowledge each person’s need. The CyberSkin Real Ass reviews on several sex toy online stores seems to support our claim.

The popularity of sex toys reaffirms our assumption as the number of people indulging in the purchase of such products increased drastically. Now, the producers to make the customer experience better and sweeter has gone quite a mile by improving the overall product quality

The CyberSkin on different online portals confirms that manufacturers are taking customer satisfaction. CyberSkin is one of the leading producers of sex toys in the world, and its broad base of satisfied customers confirms that they are one of the best in the market. The number of quality producers of sex toys is still less in number; as a result, the room for improvement is massive.

While writing the article, I have found a lot of people unsatisfied with the quality of the product delivered to them. Apart from CyberSkin, other lesser known producers do not seem to take customer satisfaction seriously. The reviews on several portals confirmed that the product has got a room for a lot of improvement, but in their defense, they feel it is one of their first launches when it comes to CyberSkin Real Ass Vibrator, and they promised to improve their product significantly in later editions. The other lesser-known companies with their limited poor quality do not seem to take customer pleasure seriously, thereby damaging the sex toy industry massively.

Apart from CyberSkin, some other leading brands are working tirelessly to improve the industry through the quality product. Now, while going through the CyberSkin Review, we understood that the product satisfied a more significant mass people and the people who criticized product seemed to raise quite some valid points. Using the CyberSkin for a month now helped me identifying the pros and cons of the product and helping the producers to improve their product and made the job quite easy for them.

Now, before we nose dive into the cons, let us see some of the positive that I noticed about Real Ass Review section.


  • A large number of people seemed quite satisfied with the overall interior finish of the product and I am too. The material used while making the toy appears to satisfy me so far. Well, the material used is near similar to human skin, and smooth finish in the interior eliminated any discomfort generally faced during the action, and it's tight.
  • The suction cup provided in the product added an extra dimension to the sexual desire of a person. The suction cup's pressure can get easily controlled by a remote supplied by the manufacturer. The remote requires a source of power like a battery or charging from time to time. That is actually a benefit because it never happens.
  • The Anal and Vaginal openings on the toy are of sufficient diameter to eliminate any discomfort during the activity. A person using the product would be reasonably pleased with the product, and in my opinion CyberSkin single path leading from both Vaginal and Anal opening would helped them to clean the product after use. Some of the products available in the market do not come with this feature making it very hard to clean after each use.
  • The longevity of the product seemed to please a lot of people. A person wrote that he has been using the product for almost half a decade, yet the lining and the condition of the toy are intact and fit to use for another year or two. Generally, when it comes to male sex toy, a lot of people complained about its longevity. A few of the common grievances are the lining inside the cavity has lost its smoothness or tightness. As most of the low-cost sex toys got made of cheap quality product, many people complained of smell inside the cavity. Maybe that old models were the problem but not for me when is new.
  • Going as rough as your stamina can handle it. No one say u can't.
  • The feel of the ass is great because of it's weight almost 20 lbs gives you quite a real feeling. That's the biggest benefit of them all is the weight, one small thing that people don't pay attention to when creating sex toys.

The product has got a long way to go before it gets regarded as the best in the market but it’s very close and gets the job done.


The cons or room for improvement of the product as felt by a lot of people:

  • When it comes to CyberSkin Real Ass I would say that external material is not really up to the mark and nowhere feels like human skin; instead, it gives off an oily/sticky feeling on the hand. On the other hand inside texture is quite nice. Suggestion to the creator use different materials for different parts of the toy.
  • The famed suction cup does not work that smooth the way manufacturers claimed. Many of the products had issues with the suction cup, and I felt the manufacturers need to look into the technical side of the feature.
  • The Vaginal and Anal Openings on the toy seemed not to satisfy a lot of people. Myself, while using I felt that the Vaginal Opening's diameter is quite small and the depth of the opening irked me a lot. People were reasonably satisfied with Anal Opening, though. I would complain about the vaginal opening's position and I would label it to be unrealistic as it is too high.
  • The material used in the manufacturing seemed to create a wire drawing effect inside the cavity, creating an obstruction during the action and absorption of vibration from bullets. It can be minimalized with experience.
  • The single path opening provided for Vaginal and Anal hole seemed to be a good option while cleaning, but in reality, the task of cleaning remains hard. I can write that it takes a lot of time to dry out completely and as a rule dry it out with hairdryer and baby powder. So it's a little bit time absorbing but it's better than moldy smell.

Final Verdict

The scope of improvement for the product is massive as evident from the review, but as the product is the stepping stone for bigger things in the future, I’m reasonably pleased with the product. The VR mode provided by the product impressed a lot of people, and they wrote it took them to another dimension of pleasure. But for me imagination is enough for now and because of the weight and inside texture of the toy, makes the experience different and overall great.

Keeping in mind the price of the product and the kind of service it offers to its owners, one should not hesitate much before placing the order.

Overall Rating