Penis pumps are in abundance these days and are plentiful in the marketplace. The new Bathmate that is going to be introduced in the market is 35% stronger than its original version. Thus, young people have been asked to stay away from this new series that is coming up. For your own safety. Ok, I just kidding. Kind of…

The newly introduced series is just in between Extreme and Bathmate line-ups, so it can be concluded that the new X-series will be for medium size individuals who have already got moderate experience in handling penis pump.

Now coming back to Bathmate Hydromax7 is one of those dick enlargers and the X-series that is coming up is a distinct hydro pump which is specifically created for developing every sized dick in girth as well as length. The new one which is to be pumped in the market is for the middle man and the line-up for it has 3 separate devices which are noticeable due to their different sizes.

In the series of products in the penis pumps genre, Bathmate X20 happens to be the smallest while the X40 series is the largest of the lot. Those who are going to take a middle path can opt for X30.

Every product belongs to different series irrespective of size, functions, and looks almost resemble each other and it is hard to find any aberrations. This series has a penis exercise routine that aids in enlarging as well as elongating a penis and is scientifically designed like other versions in this brand’s extensive line up of penis pumps.


There are a variety of Bathmate penis pumps available in the market. Among them the most popular hydro pumps include:

  1. Hydromax
  2. Bathmate Extreme
  3. Hercules
  4. Hydro

Bathmate tackles the power of water to elongate your penis size. It increases both the length and girth of your penis. Another important feature of Bathmate which has been overlooked is that they help people out who are suffering from erectile dysfunction problems. It gives those people a breath of fresh air. Bathmate products are clinically proven to increase the blood flow in the penis thus enabling men across the world to enjoy sustainable hard erections. It has always been a pleasurable experience for those who are using Bathmate hydro pumps for erection purposes.

It is the best water-based penis enlargement pumps available in the market. The features for Bathmate are so designed that it can be used in a bathtub or under a shower. The conventional form of penis enlargement programs uses air, unlike Bathmate which does not include vacuum to carry out the mechanism for the enlargement of the penis. In Bathmate hydro pumps a partial amount of vacuum is created within the pumps for the enlargement and erection of the penis which almost entirely eliminates any kind of risk that is involved with the use of other kinds of hydro pumps.

The compressible nature of air can lead to uneven erections but water, for instance, is incompressible which is being used by Bathmate. When the penis is inserted into the device for the purpose of erection it is ensured by the water content that the penis must cover and enlarge to the extent of the entire amount of water displaced. The tissue of the penis expands because of this without any aberration caused to the skin of the penis. With daily use of this product the penis tissue will expand permanently in length and width.

Tips from my experience

This external penile rigidity device using vacuum technology is to enlarge the penis and maintain and improve erection quality and increase the duration for regular use of it.


For receiving maximum advantages by using this hydro pump, try avoiding all inappropriate utilization of this item. To use it correctly you should follow the points below:

  • You will require softening your testicles. For this, a man can simply relax for a specific amount of time when in the bath. This will permit in making testicles to be free from the sealing area or else one will face severe discomfort. Warm water also helps.
  • The public area of an individual should be adequately trimmed as it aids in enabling a vacuum seal which should rest against one’s pelvic seat. So bold eagle look is advisable.
  • You should have appropriate blood flow to your penis for an adequate erection. Thus, for best use removing this sex toy for a few minutes with intervals is suggested. This allows one’s penis to relax and retract. Because too much of this good thing will desensitize you Johnson and it will get harder to finish.
  • It is understandable that many would love to use it vigorously; however, it should not be used that way. Using it vigorously will simply not provide one the outcome which he is seeking. Also, it might cause some discomfort and have bruises or speckling spots along your penile region.
  • You should restrict yourself to using this device for just 15 minutes every day and not more than that; or else some damage might take place.
  • One should massage his body’s hanging part aka penis and then apply this pump again. Repeating this procedure is what going to help you achieve the desired result. Nonetheless, this repetition should only be carried on thrice in a period of about 15 minutes.

This hydro pump’s valve is primarily controlled by a black pip. For releasing the vacuum pressure, all you need is to push this device’s valve inwards. This black pip is moved left and right after pressing it inward. Lastly, it secures a position that closes this vale. However, keep in mind that this position is only suitable when you are filling the Hydromax. Also, black pip is positioned centrally for this pump to be with water.

When you will utilize this sex toy, its valve opens up which allows water to travel from this pump’s body to its base on downstroke motion and it closes at upstroke. This aids in creating an adequate vacuum amount which is needed. Utilizing pressure on valve cap, the vacuum is released fully or partially which depends on the requirement.

As a sex toy tester, I have tried and tested all the 3 series in the extensive line up of brands pertaining to Hydromax. So I may just highlight some of the benefits and disadvantages that Bathmate Hydromax X-series has and let us just throw some light on it:



It is effective in a way that it helps in erection dysfunction problems which will help your intercourse taking place without any impediment. This new kind of penis pumps uses water to generate vacuum pressure and is recommended by urologist all over the world and is better known as penis hydro pumps. It is another form of penile health therapy. For those men who are involved in penile enchantment are very much fond of these kinds of hydro pumps. According to urologist those men who suffer from erectile dysfunction these hydro pumps work like magic for the penile health maintenance.

Better long lasting sex:

It’s self explanatory go test it on your own.

Treatment has less risk:

On the hind side, use of hydro pumps can injure your penis but considering the associated side effects, it has minimal implications regarding that. The instructions should be read properly prior to using these hydro pumps. One should also follow the best practices prescribed by the urologist and keep its functioning safe.

Cost effective:

The use of hydro pumps will not hurt your pocket because the other treatment and medications require a lot of money and the cost is also recurring. With the hydro pump, it is a one-time investment and you can use it as long as it is working.

It is non-invasive:

The use of hydro pumps does not involve any kind of surgical insertion in the main parts of the penis. Rather it helps the penis to expand and draw blood to the penile shaft by creating the desired pressure for the phenomenon to occur.

Can go hand in hand with other treatments:

You can use Viagra and at the same time, you can use hydro pumps. It is completely safe two use both at the same time as one does not come in the way of the other. Viagra has some side effects but using hydro pumps does come in its way. A hydro pump combines well with any other erectile health treatments.


Certain drugs are avoidable:

It is always advisable to go to a doctor before using hydro pump penis pump if you are on certain drugs namely warfarin and clopidogrel which are recommended for blood thinning and other pain killer drugs like naproxen, ibuprofen, and aspirin because it may aggravate the risk of bleeding in the penis.

Anemic Patients should avoid:

Those who are suffering from sickle cell anemia and are prone to bleeding and blood clot problems are not safe enough to use these hydro pumps. One should always visit a doctor prior to using one of these hydro pumps.

Prone to redness and blisters:

If it is used in an inappropriately there could be blister or redness in the penis region.

Pressure in the pump has to be checked:

If you are pumping with a hydro pump it is always advisable that you do not over pump as it may cause damage to the penis region. There is a pressure gauge and a pumping ball placed inside the hydro pump which gives the exact reading of the pressure in the machine which helps the user to know how much pressure is required and should be applied.


Now let us just throw some light on certain specifications associated with Bathmate Hydromax.

This device is simply a pump which will perfectly suit all of your needs. This is your chance of joining millions of users globally that experiences a lasting and real improvement from using hydromax pumps.

Bathmate provides penis enlargement solutions to men of all sizes and shapes. The range of Bathmate products include:


Hydro Series:

This model is the first penis enlarging pump from Bathmate which went on to being the most demanded product worldwide. It has a very affordable price and it gives very high performance and it is very useful for the first time users.

Hydromax Series:

Bathmate has upgraded from its earlier series with the launch of Hydromax. The suction power of Hydromax is 35% more than its previous product in the line-up of the brands. A survey related to penis enlargement is being carried out by Bathmate where it is found that 92% of men are massively satisfied with their new product and it has helped them in developing penis’ girth and length, quality of erection, and above all overall confidence.


It falls on the high performing penis pumps’ range. This product is a standout from the crowd as it gives out the exact measure of the pressure level which is required for the ultimate outcome. This brand in the line-up is launched for people who are extremely serious about their sexual health.

Guaranteed money back policy is also available. All you require is visiting direct store Bathmate website where you can opt for a refund policy if only you apply for it within 60 days. This is applicable for an individual who after using this hydro pump is not satisfied with the performance it offers.

However, what you should know is that most of the users get remarkable results just after one month’s rigorous and regular usage. 60 days is ample time for you to check massive results for yourself.

“Furthermore, our customer’s safety is our priority”;

Hence, this product is manufactured using medical-grade skin-safe materials. It is aforementioned that this item is created from chosen skin safe, phthalate-free, and medically approved materials. Each of these pumps undergoes dermatological testing not just for its materials but also for its accustomed design.

There are plenty of things that we liked about one of the bestselling penis pumps in today’s market. There are a lot of qualities in the product we can take heart from. The Hydro Max X- Series has a very high rating overall and if we want a decent penis pump that does not hurt our pocket and comes with a guarantee and is made up of high-end materials, Bathmate Hydromax X Series is to go for which is the real in thing for present times.

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