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List of Best Sex Toys 2019

When shopping for sex toys, men's department is just occasionally displayed and often simply overlooked. This website exclusively pays attention to male toys. Here you can explore all kinds of men’s sex toys without having to waste your time on going through all kinds of reviews that focus on toys used mostly by women.

For Males

For Females

Couples Play


Are you using left hand or right? Well it doesn’t matter. Your hands can finally rest when having this bad boy.

Once again Kiiroo did not disappoint, after releasing second edition of it’s interactive male sex toys dedicated for long-distance couples and now for online porn enthusiasts as well.

Have you noticed that more and more professional adult content releases interactive VR, 2D and gaming content. This immersive world is available with toy synchronization and Kiiroo is one of the best buy for that type of play.

In the end lets do some bro math: 

10 contracting rings times 140 strokes/minute equals sensory overload   

Fleshlight Stamina Trainer Pack

How do you know that Google is a great company? Well… when people have started to say “google it” instead of “search it”. 

The same way Fleshlight has become the cultural synonym for every male masturbator. You cant fake that kind of success it has to happen organically. 

Backed by millions of sales and positive reviews with it’s unique design and great durability, Fleshlight is one of the toys that you can’t go wrong with.

Soft texture and ribbed inside with all kinds of different textures to choose from. You can even custom made your own pocket if you already know what you want.

If you are looking to buy the sex toy for a men than this one is the safest choice.

Lelo Hugo

It’s a remote control prostate massager that is so powerful that I personally  use it as a treat, but more about that in a review. 

Pleasure gives you the shape that perfectly pushes against the male “G” spot.

In addition stimulation comes from using two vibration points: one on the top and one on the bottom of the massager. 

Hugo is good for solo masturbation and couple play. Ideal toy for hands-free orgasms enthusiasts. Also for men who are seeking women like full body orgasm experience. 

CyberSkin Real Ass

Cheeks like a Chick? I don’t think I have to market this product and explain why is one of the best sex toys on this list. CyberSkin has created a portable ass that feels creepy realistic, with two textured canals it gives great lifelike feel.

The biggest difference with this specific line of toys is the real life size and weight. That undoubtedly adds to the realism of the overall experience. In this case is more than 8 kg / 17 lbs that you can pound against.

This toy is most commonly used in a combo with VR Headset.[winky face] 

Liquid Silk Lube

We should’ve started with that… Lube is a base for all the play in the bedroom and there are hundreds of brands and types of lube but all you need is product of high quality and something that will transform you in to a smooth criminal when entering the land down under.

Here are the main reasons for getting lube NOW:

  • condom breaks prevention
  • you last longer 
  • smooth sex toy play
  • skin abrasions prevention 

“Don’t live in pain. Get a lube” – Sam Wiseguy

Bathmate HYDROMAX7 Penis Pump

Now something for all of you size freaks and folks who want to cut the foreplay time to 10s. No kidding! This is it. 

Hydro penis pump increases blood flow for stronger erection for sure. It also works with water and vacuum which helps pumping blood in to the penis even quicker.

Everyone choose this brand because of its supreme suction power and water addon play. 

#Question: Will it increase my size?

Yes and No.

It will condition your penis to be bigger even without the pump. With regular use you will achieve the biggest size you can get naturally. You already have that kind of size but it rarely happens due to the fact that you can’t maintain to be super horny and squeeze blood in to the shaft at the same time for more than 2 seconds.

Let the science do the work. 

njoy Pure Wand

Very effective hands free masturbation machine that will get the job done. Quick recap:

  • 5 extra tight rings
  • hands free
  • three sleeve size
  • seasy cleaning

It’s a second edition of that sex toy and this time they improved ring tightness and placement were it no longer get loose after a while. It is pretty fun overall, and offers a new sensation. Good for men who are sensitive around their shaft.

Quick advice before buying. Choose size one step tighter then you think is optimal.

Autoblow is your personal blowjob robot. You just receive…

njoy Pure Wand

I know what you think: No. That looks scary! There is a reason why this was put in the best male sex toys list.

Very simple build but it’s simplicity solves the biggest problem that I can see in nowadays anal sex toys and that is their frame plasticity.

The thing is that sex toys designers want to appeal to masses and they want to create a product that will serve most people. They create universal toys that stimulate G spot in very broad way without precision. In compensation they use vibrations to hide the fact that every body is different.

Also are you frustrated of feeling something but never been 100% pleased. I suggest buying steel toy instead. 

Have you ever EXPERIENCED orgasm without TOUCHING your penis?

This might be it.

The best toy for male G spot play. 

TOR™ 2

The cock ring is to trap the blood in the penis which make stimulation more pleasurable. 

Good cock ring is a wide ring. Small surface puts more pressure on the area which makes it uncomfortable. Tor got it right. 

Without a doubt one of the best toys for better male-female sex experience. Most sex toys will force focus on one person. Some people don’t like that.

Why using magic wand when you can stimulate the clit with the vibrating ring while also receiving pleasure at the same time.

BTW. 37% of women need clitoral stimulation to experience orgasm. Majority of men need to cut of blood flow to the penis to experience orgasm. Food for thought.

Get The One Ring and make little Frodo happy.

Fleshlight Destroya

Another Fleshlight. Never get enough of a good thing.

Destroya is the most sold pornstar promoted Fleshlight, with astonishing 34% market share. Probably wondering why?

All comes down to unlike anything else design of the socket. 

Looks weird at first. After passing the initial judgement if you could imagine and track from left to right what will happen to your penis when passing through different textures. Then masturbation with Destroya does looks appealing. Does it?

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